Sumati in Sanskrit means “a good mind”

Our Mission

Sumati aims to promote yoga and mindfulness for self-transformation and mental wellness. While yoga is often seen as a workout or a way to stretch one’s body, we would like to encourage this practice for the many advantages it brings not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Our Commitment

Sumati is committed to provide premium yoga essentials uniquely designed to support body and mind. We want to give you the best space to practice on that will make you want to come back to your mat regularly.

How Sumati can support you

Yoga can be discouraging to some especially if you keep slipping and sliding on your mat. It is one thing to reach a pose that your body is not yet open to, and another to have a hard time trying to reach that pose because you need to constantly re-position yourself (and let’s not forget how dangerous that is!).

Sumati mats were made with a really grippy surface and alignment markings to help you in the asanas. It also has positive affirmations every side of the mat to encourage you mentally and emotionally. Sumati mats were thoughtfully designed to support body and mind to make you more intentional in your practice.

Let Sumati support you in your journey to your highest self.

Find your peace here. This is your sacred space.