Moonstone Bracelet


This is a stone of “new beginnings”. Like the Moon, this stone is reflective and reminds us that there is a cycle to everything. Its most powerful effect is that it calms the emotions, represents tenderness, and is believed to bring lovers closer together.

Moonstone is considered the gem of the High Priestess and Feminine Mysteries connecting you to your divine feminine and inner goddess. It helps unlock the energy of the Moon (feminine) to keep you in a more balanced state, especially if you have a strong Sun (masculine) energy. Working well for intuition, patience, and emotional wellness, Moonstone is a great stone to encourage your feminine energy to shine and help you be more in tune with yourself.

In crystal healing, it is often said that the stone chooses you instead of the other way around. If this bracelet is calling you, it could be a sign that the energies of this crystal is just what you need.

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Listing is for one elastic 10mm Moonstone bracelet

Handmade healing bracelets with genuine stones. All crystals are 100% natural so each stone has unique properties. Please expect slight variation in appearance and color.

For specific wrist sizes, kindly leave a comment upon checkout. Otherwise, we will use our standard sizing.

This healing bracelet will be cleansed and charged before it gets to owner.

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